About Costume-Con

Costume-Con is an annual 4 day convention about all things costuming. All forms of costuming and cosplay are welcome at Costume-Con. From recreation to original design, to historical to the future, from anime to comics to sci-fi to film to art – we celebrate it all. We are excited to bring Costume-Con 37 to New England.

The fun starts Friday and runs through Monday. If you come early or stay a few more days, there are usually tours and activities scheduled on the surrounding days.

Costume-Con is a traveling convention, meaning it is held in a different location every year and run by a different team. This makes every Costume-Con unique and an experience worth having every year! We hope that you will join us in Massachusetts in 2019.

Costume-Con 37 Theme

Being right next to Salem and in the town formerly known as Salem Village, we could not find a theme more fitting than Witches, Wizards, and Warlocks.

Whether original designs or the endless recreation ideas, channeling your inner good or letting loose with a little evil, and inspiration from all over the world – we know there will be plenty of magic all around!


Do I need to wear a costume to attend?

Definitely not. We know not all lovers of costuming wear costumes. If you’re a creator, photographer, or admirer of costumes and cosplay we would love to see you at Costume-Con.

What type of costume should I wear?

Any type of costume you would like. Attendees wear costumes and cosplays from many different sources and themes. We have attendees who specialize in historical clothing for fun as well as for reenactment, dance costumes from ballet to belly dance, costumes for theater and for movies, original designs, and recreations from many medium including books, movies, television shows, anime, theater, and comics. Bring your show-stopping best work or your easy to wear and fun hall costumes. Or bring them all! Just don’t be surprised if people want to stop and talk about the details, you’re among friends.

What is there to do at Costume-Con?

There is so much! During the day there are panels and workshops covering all sorts of topics: working with different materials from fabrics to beads to thermoplastics, costuming techniques, painting, dyeing, fashion and costuming history, wigs, and more. Friday night there is a Social for everyone to get together on the first night, see old friends, make new ones, and admire everyone’s work. There is also a Hospitality Suite where you can grab a snack and sit and chat with other attendees during the weekend.

There are many different contests. Saturday night is the Science Fiction and Fantasy Masquerade and Sunday night is the Historical Masquerade. The Future Fashion Folio contest is often held late Sunday morning; there is a Single Pattern Contest held during the weekend (day and time TBD) for those who want to experiment with variations on a commercial pattern. There are also other contests such as hats, dolls, and quilts, which are on display most of the weekend.

Is Costume-Con in the same location every year?

Costume-Con is held in a different location every year, determined by a bidding process. It has never been held in Massachusetts before, and the last time it was in New England was Costume-Con 18 in Hartford, Connecticut.

In 2018, Costume-Con 36 will be held in San Diego, California. In 2020, Costume-Con 38 will be held in Montreal, Quebec. Voting for Costume-Con 39 in 2021 will happen at Costume-Con 36.

Can Costume-Con come to my city?

Locations that wish to host a Costume-Con must submit a bid request 3 years prior, and there must be a local committee that will organize and run the convention. More information about how to bid for a future Costume-Con can be found at www.costume-con.org.

Are there contests?

Are there ever. Costume-Con has several contest throughout the weekend – some worn on stage and some based around exhibits. Visit our Programming page to learn more about these.

How does [specific contest] work? Do I sign up ahead of time? Are there rehearsals?

Contests will require registering. Registration will be open until Friday night of the convention. There may also be online registration. Costume-Con works to accommodate as many entries as possible and has yet to turn away entries due to being ‘full’. Each contest has its own specifics, but in general there will be a rehearsal with tech to practice your music and set your light and sound cues and pronunciations with the MC. For the Science Fiction/Fantasy and Historical Masquerades you will be able to submit your own music or recorded script as well as a script for the MC. Information on how you made your costume, known as Documentation, is welcome at the Science Fiction/Fantasy Masquerade and required at the Historical, but not needed for the Future Fashion Show.

Visit our Masquerades and Contests page for specific information about how each contest works.

I have another question…?

Do you have a question that isn’t answered above? Use our Contact page to ask.