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To reach our Committee, please use our Contact page or send an email to

Co-Chair – Aurora Celeste
Co-Chair – Sharon Sbarsky
Advisors – Jill Eastlake, Rae Enslin
Treasurer – Tim Szczesuil
Treasurer Staff – Ann Broomhead

Hotel Liaison – Rick Kovalcik
Tech Director – Syd Weinstein
Asst Tech Director – Abby Noyce
F&B – Gay Ellen Dennett
Ballroom Layout – Chip Hitchcock
Audio Designer – Paul Kraus

Programming – Jamila Sisco
Workshops –

FSF Director – Jill Eastlake
Associate Director – Karen Purcell
FSF Stage Manager – Larry Schroeder
FSF Data Management – James Hinsey
Green Room Manager – David D’Antonio
MC – Leo d’Entremont
FSF Secretary – Sharon Bass
FSF Reference Photographer – Harriet Severino

Historical Director – Byron Connell
Associate Director – Henry Osier
Asst. MD Historical – Abigail Welsher
Green Room Manager – Judy Mitchell
Historical Masquerade MC – Pierre Pettinger
Hist Judge Clerk – Sebastien Bouchard
Historical Stage Manager – Michael Rafferty
Historical Reference Photographer – Harriet Severino

Single Pattern – Rae Enslin
Single Pattern Assistant – Gaia Erirch

Future Fashion Folio – Bethany Padron
Future Fashion Show – Sébastien Bouchard

Friday Social Coordinator – James Hinsey

Green Room Manager (Overall) – David D’Antonio
House Manager (Overall) – Seth Breidbart
Head Ninja – Ann Catelli

Registration – Anna Bradley

Con Ops – Skip Morris

Signage – Suford Lewis

Website Admin – Milo Martinez
Marketing Director, Social Media –

Con Suite – Joni Dashoff
Con Suite Staff – Catelynn Cunningham, Suzanne Rosin
Dealers Room – Lisa Hertel
Assistant – Dina Flockhart
Exhibit Room – Lisa Ashton &  Leslie Johnston
Doll Contest – Ann Catelli
Witch Hat Competition – Sandy and Pierre Pettinger
Assistant Director –

Pocket Program – Skip Morris
Freebie Solicitations – Dina Flockhart
Poster Display –   Kristen
CC35 Site Selection – Donald Eastlake