Chapter Awards


For many groups, we know that you occasionally honor an entrant with a special award from your Guild, Convention, or other organization. We would like to welcome you to do so at CC37 if you so choose.

Here are a few instructions:

  1. Please reply to by February 15 to let us know which, if any, shows you may want to make an award during
  2. Tell us the group you represent and the name of the award
  3. At least for our two shows (F&SF and Historical) tell us who from your group will be your representative, So we can welcome you to present your award right after the show awards but before the show ends
  4. But, please – at the beginning of Half Time (or as close to that as possible) inform the Masquerade Director if you are or are NOT intending to present an award at our show.

Sound complicated? Maybe, but we hope to include as many awards as possible for each show. After all, who doesn’t like to receive an award? Many of your groups have valuable prizes (like someday I hope to win the Cement Overshoes award, hint, hint) that sometimes include memberships to future Costume-Cons. We simply would like to (at least pretend) that we know what’s happening at our shows.

We hope to see that your group will be at CC37 and will be sharing some joy with some of our Masquerade entrants.