Help Wanted


Publications –
We need someone to do the publication layouts for the restaurant guide, convention program, pocket program, blank contest certificates, and signage. We have people in charge of the content for all these areas, but are looking for someone to head up a unified format and look.

Quilt Contest –
We have space, but no one to head it up! If we can’t find someone to take over this area by Jan. 15 we’ll be scrapping it as a great idea we just couldn’t fill.

Program Ops –
Hands out program participant packets and fixes at-con schedule issues.

Info Desk –
A place for newcomers to ask about Costume-Con, for visitors to ask questions about local things, and for everyone to get info about the convention. We can find volunteers to staff, but we need someone to head it up.

Fan Tables –
We have room for tables for future CCs and a few other cons, needs a coordinator to take reservations and assign tables.

Workshops –
Program is gearing up and would like some help, especially someone to coordinate workshops.

Site-Selection –
We need someone to setup the ballot and run the voting table to select CC40. Should be someone who can patiently explain Instant Runoff voting and Baptistown.

Logistics –
We need someone to coordinate truck runs from storage and getting everything to the con and back to its places after.

Badge Design –
We have a series of pictures, or we could solicit something drawn. We need someone to design the badge with our logo and set information for printing and laminating, individual info (badge name, membership number, etc) to be added at-con on a label.

If you’re interested in any of these positions, please fill out the quick form below and we’ll get right back to you! Thank you for volunteering!