Poster Show

Costume-Con 37 would like to provide a space for informational costuming posters created by, you, the members.

If you have a project, technique, tip, or successful application concerning constructing, organizing, or designing costumes that you would like to share with the community you are invited to join us! This is an ideal opportunity if you either don’t want to head a panel or don’t think the information is enough to fill a panel time.

We will have space available along the walls of the Living Room as well as blue painter’s tape to attach the posters.


  • Posters must be for a wall presentation, we will not have space for tri-folds.
  • They cannot be larger than standard poster board
  • Color photos are encouraged
  • Small samples and/or photos of your process are encouraged
  • If you would like to provide a hand-out with the information for take-away by attendees, we will set up a table for displaying these.

Examples of Topics:

  • Challenging dyeing technique that you have conquered
  • Embroidery techniques used in unusual ways
  • Hardware Store items you’d never think would be good for a costuming application
  • The challenges of long distant group costume organization: what kind of apps, programs, and communication avenues do you use?
  • Your most used or oddest distressing tips
  • Which glue is the best glue and why?
  • Your technique for determining what the artist meant by that squiggly line in a design (whether you were the artist or not)

Getting Your Poster to Con:
There are three options available to you! You may either:

  • bring it with you by plane, train, car, bus, boat, or broom
  • you may mail it ahead of Costume-Con to the following address:
    • Costume-Con 37 Poster Display
    • ℅ MCFI
    • PO Box 1010
    • Framingham, MA 01701
  • you may order it printed and pick it up at a close print shop.  These ones are accessible by hotel shuttle:
    • Fed Ex Print at Peabody Center, 240 Andover St, Peabody, MA 01960
    • Staples, 230 Independence Way, Danvers, MA 01923

Note: This is not a competitive show. We want to encourage the exchange of ideas without pressure to perform.

We will be holding a Meet and Greet for people to chat with poster creators at the convention! This is not required, but you are welcome to attend!

Example Poster: