The Programming for Costume-Con is consists of Panels and Workshops during the day, and then Socials and Contests at night.

Panels and Workshops


With the competitions at night, during the day is all about learning and discussing in various panels! Panels at past Costume-Cons cover topics such as specific historic time periods, wig styling, working with foam, draping, embellishments, corsetry, and so much more. If you want to learn something about costuming, chances are there will be a panel about it.

Panels run Friday, Saturday and Sunday until early evening, with a break allowing attendees to get dinner before that night’s competition. Panels run on Monday until early afternoon.


Looking for a hands-on learning experience? Costume-Con also features workshops throughout the weekend, giving you the opportunity to learn new techniques and skills.

Most workshops require signing up ahead of time, and may require a fee to cover materials. Information about both of these will be available closer to the convention.

Masquerades and Contests

Costume-Con features four main contests: Science Fiction and Fantasy Masquerade, Historical Masquerade, Single Pattern Contest, and Future Fashion Folio. Because Costume-Con is all about costumes, there are no panels or workshops during the competitions so you don’t have to worry about missing out!

There are also other contests for the exhibits, which are on display for most of the weekend. These include: Doll Contest, Quilts Contest, and Hat Contest.

Socials and Hospitality

Costumers and cosplayers work hard on their costumes – so we like to make sure there’s plenty of time for you to unwind and have fun at the convention! Catch up with old friends, meet some new ones, and admire all the costumes you see.

Friday night features the Friday Night Social, which is a big kick-off party. Costume-Con also has a Hospitality Suite, where different groups host parties throughout the weekend for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Announcements about where and when these will be will be made at the convention. Take a snack, grab a seat, and sit for a spell.