Future Fashion Folio and Show

The Future Fashion Folio (FFF) allows both designers and costumers to display their skills, creating unique and one of a kind designs specifically for this competition.

The FFF has two parts. The first is submitting designs to the Folio. In the fall before the convention, anyone (even those not attending) can submit their original fashion designs. A panel judges the designs and the best are put together in the Future Fashion Folio which is distributed to all who are attending the convention several months before the event.

After the Folio is published, attendees can choose from the designs to make and wear in the Future Fashion Folio Show at the convention. Designers have first choice with their designs, and may reserve one to make themselves. This will be noted in the Folio, and other attendees cannot make these designs.

At the Future Fashion Folio Show, awards are given for both design and the costumes created.

Want to submit designs, but don’t have experience with creating designs? No problem! You can use a predrawn model to draw your designs.

Below are examples of designs published in the Future Fashion Folio, then created for the Future Fashion Folio Show.


Photo credits: Sheila Perry, Karen O’Malley