Historical Masquerade

The Historical Masquerade is unique! It is offered only at Costume-Con. It’s your chance to present a costume that reproduces a real garment from the skin out, or creates an original garment in a historical style, perhaps based on an image (such as a painting), or is a deliberate approximation of a historical style while obviously departing from it. The period ranges from prehistoric to quite recent. Usually, the period must be at least 30 years ago.

We judge entries in a different manner than the Science Fiction and Fantasy masquerade. The judges will examine both your documentation and your workmanship in your presence and without the audience being present. You get to “sell” them (briefly) on your work and answer their questions. We recommend that you do not wear the costume at this point, just bring it to the judges, so they can look at each seam and detail. Unlike the optional workmanship judging for the SF&F masquerade, this is not optional. Finally, the same judges will see how your costume looks on stage as you present it to the audience.

The judges make separate awards for documentation, workmanship, and stage presentation and you could wind up with three of them for one costume!

Information for entrants, including our rules, will be coming soon.