Single Pattern Contest

Welcome to the Single Pattern contest! This contest is designed to give you a starting point to
kick-start your creativity and go wild! Try your hand at ‘stretching’ the pattern as far as it will go.
You can use unconventional materials but follow the pattern exactly, or get creative with your
modifications and push the limits of your pattern choice.

For this competition, you will take one of the four patterns that we have set for this competition
and make it. The patterns listed are to be used as a starting point for creating an outfit. You many
also use multiple patterns. Participants may stay close to the original pattern, or alter it
dramatically, but the final product must be recognizable as being made from one (or more) of the

Novice sewers, this is the perfect opportunity to get your feet wet with constructing a costume or
being on stage for the first time! Sew it together, glue it together – we love it all!
Presentations for the Single Pattern are in the format of walk-ons. No skit will be presented and
there is no tech rehearsal for this competition. Entrants will walk in front of the judges in a
separate room for workmanship, then present on stage. After that, walk out to mingle at the
Friday Night Social!

Participants must be registered members of the current Costume-Con to enter or model garments
in this contest. Participants may make and enter more than one garment, but an individual should
plan on appearing in front of the judges only once.

Patterns: All of our patterns are on theme to match the convention in some way or another, but
please do not feel limited by that. Use your imagination and be creative! All of these patterns
come in a wide variety of sizes and are made for all skill levels. By popular request, we have also
included a witch (or wizard) familiar…ahem…a kigu (onsie) pattern! You are sure to find
something you can have fun with!

McCalls M6818

McCalls M7676

Simplicity 1582

Simplicity 8276

Here are some examples of previous patterns and their results to get you started on some ideas!

Please contact us at with any questions!