Stage Layout


The visible primary stage is 24’ wide and 16’ deep.

Non ADA Path:
From the Masquerade Green Room (Grand View I) to pre-function space to Grand IV (stage) to ramp to top of ramp (Stage Right) and wait.  MC can look over and see entrance area. From Stage exit Stage Left turn and follow platform to stairs, down stairs and out to pre-function space to return to the Masquerade Green Room.

ADA Path:
Same except enter and exit via ramp.

There are two pass throughs from the green room to the stage, and both are identical, they are the standard hotel ballroom double doors on Grand View I and Grand View IV.  They are 7’ high and 3’ wide each, opening offset from center, giving a 7’ x 6’ opening, less a small amount for carpet and door hinges.

We will support entrances from both sides, however if it is a single side entrance we strongly prefer the ramp if possible.

For more information or to make arrangements for anything but the preferred entrance and exit plan contact your Masquerade Director.